Dear McDermott Remodeling:

Its mighty good to know McDermott is there when I need help. Thank you so much.

J. Winter

Dear Tim,

We like to stay on top of things; but after reading your Winter 2012 newsletter we are reminded we are WAY overdue to send a note of thanks to you and the McDermott team.

As you know, we were unsure whether we should remodel – we already had a significant investment in the house and with the market the way it is, we figured we would never get our money back. Further, the project was complex involving significant structural changes. One day we decided we’ll never know unless we talk to someone.

We did business with other contractors on prior projects; but for some reason had never talked to McDermott. We are sure glad we made that call. From the very first phone call to the day Dean came to finish the job, we saw something special about the McDermott approach.


Kate C.

Dear Tim,

Thanks to you all of the people in your company for the outstanding job on our kitchen remodel. Your team exceeded our expectations throughout the entire process. Megan created a fantastic design that included everything we wanted and more. Dean did an outstanding job with the construction. The quality of his work is fantastic, and he made the construction process go smoothly. He is a true professional, and we are very fortunate that he led the transformation of our kitc

Pam S.

Dear Tim McDermott:

I have had many projects done at my house but this is first time I’ve taken the time to write a letter. However, your company and your employees have motivated me to this point. Please let me explain.

I have owned my home for several years and am a veteran of many house projects – some do-it-yourself while other projects have required professionals. I am prudent with my due diligence on all projects. I do the research on what any project entails and then I get several estimates. I approached the task of finding a company to remodel my kitchen and bath with even greater prudence since this would be my most significant investment yet.


Dick and Debbie

Dear Mr. Tim McDermott:

Perseverance -- noun\continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition; the action or an instance of persevering; steadfastness.

Merriam-Webster easily could enhance its dictionary listing for perseverance by adding Rod's photo. While there was a great team behind him, Rob epitomized patience and perseverance during my patio and deck conversion project. Before the tribulations outside, Rob displayed nothing but a calming demeanor, professionalism, and talent on my kitchen remodel. Always the gentleman, Rob consistently kept me informed and updated as things moved along.

From our first meeting and designer Megan’s wonderful input, I would not be happier with how things turned out. While the under-decking issues perplexed and befuddled all, the McDermott crew handled everything in a fashion that confirmed I made the right choice. Many know that the low bid is not always the best bid, and y’all lived up to your reputation. My month-long project turned out to take a bit longer, but the talented McDermott crew – staff and contractors – stuck to it and got it done.

 Tim, you stayed personally involved and were candid with me throughout the tribulation. Josh, Casey and Ron played their roles wonderfully back at the office to keep things on track. Dave Dermody, Dennis Thomas and your other talented craftsmen were all a pleasure with whom to work. While I was familiar with McDermott Remodeling and its exceptional reputation, it was such a pleasure to hear the design recommendations, meet members of your team, watch their work in progress, and experience the professionalism and integrity of your firm.

I have much gratitude for how flawlessly your team transformed my outdated kitchen and underused patio. I have wanted to get these projects under way for years, but kept procrastinating on the infinite options I had on tile, colors, appliances, and so on. Once I knew what I wanted, Megan helped refine my desires. I absolutely love my new kitchen, and with the cool summer, I am so happy with the enclosed patio … all due to your team’s hard work.

Thank you so much for making the entire process as unstressful as possible. I truly can say I’m very pleased with my decision to have McDermott handle my projects, and I could not be happier with the results. I will be happy to use your firm again on future projects here in my home. It will be a treat to recommend McDermott Remodeling. I think you have many future clients who, like me, will appreciate the difference in your attitude and processes.


Tim C.