Mine Subsidence and Structural Repair

Mine subsidence is a widespread problem in St. Clair, Madison, Monroe counties and much of southern Illinois. Should it occur J.T. McDermott is the one to call. Our Rapid Response Team will be there at a moment’s notice to assess the situation, stabilize the house and create a long term solution. We are recognized by the state of Illinois for our work and quick action. If your house is sinking, don’t delay; call us today.

For houses not in critical subsidence situations but that are succumbing to age, we’re adept at making rock solid repairs. Our team stands ready to come to your house and make a mitigation recommendation.

To learn more about subsidence and the insurance fund, we recommend the following Web sites:

Illinois Mine Subsidence Insurance Fund, www.imsif.com

Illinois State Geological Survery, www.isgs.illinois.edu/education/pdf-files/c569.pdf

Illinois Depart. Of Natural Resources, dnr.state.il.us/mines/aml/subsidence.htm

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