Author: Rob Ledee

Rob’s exceptional talent is in trim work, a meticulous process that gives a room its “wow factor.” It’s a beautiful finishing detail that Rob says cannot be rushed.
  • The Top 10 Things To Know When Staying In Your House During A Renovation in St. Louis

    There is no doubt that staying in your house during a renovation is a very stressful and anxious time. Routines are disrupted, important parts of the home are rendered unusable while others are temporarily repurposed, relative strangers come and go daily and watching a home being semi-deconstructed can have homeowners second guessing themselves. It takes…

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  • Deck Remodeling in St. Louis: The Top Questions to Ask

    By Ron Mifflin, Estimator Nothing is more pleasant than spending summer and autumn days and evenings enjoying the outdoors in the Greater St. Louis area than from a deck. The outdoors literally becomes an extension to your house. As it always seems to be the case, though, leisure and luxury come with a price. Like…

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