A Little Updating Goes a Long Way in This Columbia, IL Bathroom

Project Summary:

Location: Columbia, IL

Our client had just bought her parent's house before she even moved in; she knew she wanted to renovate and update the bathroom. She was going to live in the home with her boyfriend, and the builder-grade master bathroom wasn't going to suit their needs! She wanted more space and higher quality materials that just doesn't come with builder-grade homes.

The Vision

Even though nothing in the bathroom was failing, it was dated and not very pretty to look at. She just wasn't happy with the aesthetics of the space. The small shower had ugly gold fixtures, and the vanity had a sitting space to do make-up. This wasn't useful to her and was not in line with her personal style! She wanted a bigger shower and to keep the tub just in case. She also wanted to widen the space between the countertop and the wall. With all the items on her wish list in mind, our designers got to work and created 3D renderings for our client to approve. She was able to see the renderings we created and accept the new space before construction even began!

The Challenge

Although there weren't any design or building challenges to overcome, it's always difficult to create more space within the same footprint of a room. So without knocking down any walls, our designers expertly rearranged the space and optimized it for its new owners.

  • before

  • after

The Transformation

The new bathroom is now much better suited for her needs. For example, the middle cabinet at the vanity is now a stack of drawers perfect for storage and organization. We took out the linen closet and transformed it into a cabinet with counter space on top. This is skinnier than the old linen closet, so it makes the walkway in the bathroom much wider and easier to navigate. The shower is now bigger and features more modern hardware that is in line with our client's desired aesthetic. The glass makes the smaller space feel much bigger, and as a shorter woman, she wanted shorter cabinets so she could more easily use them.

The Details

The new color pallet is neutral and makes the smaller space feel much bigger. While there is a little pop of color in the accent tile in the shower, it's subtle and doesn't distract from the overall calming monochromatic vibes.
The flooring is a composite, so it's not as cold as a tile floor which is excellent in a bathroom! Stepping onto a warmer floor in the morning will make waking up much easier. It's also softer and less harsh to walk on and less likely to crack and break over time.

Although this might not be our most shocking transformation, this bathroom update improves our client's quality of life in their home, and that's all we care about! What once was a cramped and outdated bathroom is now a bright and beautiful place to start and end your day.