From Cringy Orange to Modern Sleek this Creve Coeur Bathroom is Unrecognizable

Project Summary:

Location: Creve Coeur, MO

Our client came to us with a cringe-worthy bathroom that was in desperate need of an upgrade. He had just bought the house a few months before, but he knew he wanted to get this project done right away. The rest of the home was relatively modern, but the master bathroom hadn't been touched in a while.

The Vision

Our client wanted an automated shower where you could use voice activation to turn it on. Of course, this narrowed down the choices for shower fixtures, but our designer was able to navigate the selections with him and find the perfect high-tech shower options. He also knew he wanted a clean look but needed the help of our designer to make his dream bathroom come to life. By leading him through the process, we achieved exactly what he was after.

The Challenge

The bathroom was the most outdated part of the home, with a tiny shower and a bench that was uncomfortable to use. The large tub in the corner was popular in its day, but it wasn't ideal for his needs. It was so large and heavy that it would need to be broken apart and taken down and out of the home in pieces. Additionally, as a single man living in this home alone, he had no use for the large makeup vanity. The walls were a nauseating orange color that needed to go, and our client wanted a lot of fun technology added!

The biggest challenge of this project was working around COVID. This project was during the height of COVID restrictions, and it made things move slower than usual. Meeting were virtual when they could be, and making selections was done in a slower but safer process.

  • before

  • after

The Transformation

This is one of the more dramatic transformations we've had in a bathroom. Those orange walls and outdated tub disappear, and now our client has a modern and sleek master bathroom he can actually enjoy. The top portion of the half wall is curved glass; the curve of the wall allows the shower to be large without taking up too much space within the rest of the bathroom. It also makes it look more modern and sleek and aligns with the other fixtures like the rounded lighting and faucet. In addition, the shower now features a large built-in bench and two shower niches for storage.

It can sometimes be hard to do monochrome styles without them looking commercial and boring, but the added textures like the small square tiles on the half wall and accent shower wall making the room more inviting and comfortable. Our client didn't want any grout lines, so the shower walls are made with cultured marble panels with tile accents. The floor and the accent tiles on the shower walls are small two-inch by two-inch tiles. The shower seat and half wall cap are made of the same quartz as the new vanity countertop. The vanity cabinets are Wellborn cabinets in maple with a dark stain, and the new lighting and other fixtures are a more modern and sleek style to match the rest of the bathroom.

  • before

  • after

The Details

Because our client wanted a high-tech shower system, we went with Moen fixtures because they feature a system that uses innovative technology to make automated showering setups. He now has presets that set up his shower how he likes with the press of one button or voice-activated commands. There is now a rain head, a main showerhead with four different settings, and a handheld on a slide bar that has a setting that spins to replicate a massage spray!
The one downside to smart showers is the control pad that is needed. The valve and control pad are installed outside of the shower if something goes wrong with the system. This took up a whole cabinet in the vanity, but with all the extra storage available, our client didn't mind losing some space to the upgraded option.

There's no doubt this master bathroom was in desperate need of a remodel, and now our client has the high-tech bathroom of his dreams. Now all he has to do is walk in and ask his robot butler to turn on his shower just the way he likes it!