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Here’s the place to learn everything you need to know about how our design-build process ensures you get the home you’ve dreamed of. We’ll talk about how we work and what we’re passionate about. We hope you find the blog posts and eBooks here enjoyable and helpful in planning your kitchen, bathroom, or other home remodeling project. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Happy reading!

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  • The Contemporary Conundrum of Modern Kitchens

    Contemporary or modern, modern or contemporary? If you’ve ever considered renovating or remodeling your home, you’ve probably stumbled across these two terms. You might be asking yourself, “don’t modern and contemporary mean the same thing?” While the dictionary tells us that modern and contemporary both refer to something “of the present moment,” quite the opposite…

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  • The Name Is Mud: Mudroom Organizing Solutions

    Just because it’s a mudroom does not mean it has to be a disaster! As homeowners, we understand how tricky it can be to keep your mudroom neat and tidy. After all, mess seems to be a part of this space’s DNA. Got mail? Just throw it on the table. Dirty shoes and boots? They…

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  • Kitchen Lighting For Your St. Louis Home

    If there’s one room in your home that needs good lighting, it’s the kitchen. Not only does lighting help to show off your space’s best features, but it’s also a crucial element that can protect you from kitchen slip-ups and mishaps.   Different Types of Kitchen Lighting In your kitchen, there should be two different…

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  • Here Comes the Sun: Decorating Spaces with Natural Sunlight in St. Louis

    There’s no better accessory for your home than plenty of natural sunlight, and of course, it is no secret that sunlight is a key ingredient to good health. Natural light: Improves focus, mental function, and memory recall Boosts nitric oxide in the skin and bones, helping to reduce blood pressure Eases depression and anxiety Boosts…

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