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  • Problem Solving: How We Focus on Solutions for Your St. Louis Remodel

    During any remodel, there will be challenges. It’s just like your wedding day – something is bound to go wrong. At that point, it’s about fixing the problem and keep things rolling in spite of the challenge.     The Challenge: Tile Colors Do Not Match We had a bathroom project that is a good…

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  • Mixing and Matching Countertops in Your St. Louis Kitchen

    If you are remodeling your St. Louis kitchen, you have probably discovered how many different style choices you have in terms of countertops and other finishings. Sometimes, it’s hard to choose just one; you might fall in love with a couple of different styles and wonder how you can get away with not having to…

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  • Adding Texture to Your St. Louis Kitchen

    When you’re remodeling your kitchen, there are so many things to think about. From cabinets to countertops, backsplashes, appliances, lighting, fixtures, and flooring, it’s details like these that tend to make the biggest influence on the overall look of the room. Sometimes, it’s easy to make a big impact just by adding a little bit…

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  • Is a Farmhouse Kitchen Right for Your St. Louis Home?

    Farmhouse kitchen style is everywhere. From the popularity of the Magnolia brand and shows like Fixer-Upper, everybody wants the farmhouse look. But do you really want it? Is it overrated? Is it a passing trend? Let’s take a deeper dive into farmhouse style to see how it holds up. There’s a fine line between “cute”…

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  • Contemporary Window Treatments for Your St. Louis Home

    Sheers may be an easy and versatile fix for your windows, but if you’re looking for something a little different, a contemporary window treatment that combines style with function, today’s options offer plenty of variety to suit almost any style.   Blinds Come In Many Styles If you are looking for a less traditional window…

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  • Decorating Your St. Louis Home for a Dinner Party

    If you’re getting ready for a big splashy party at your home, decorating for the occasion is likely to be a hot topic. But, where to start? The possibilities are virtually endless.   Here are some great tips from our resident designers: 1. Keep the sightlines clear Don’t let anything in the center of the…

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