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  • Decluttering and Organizing the Counters in Your St. Louis Kitchen

    It might not be time for spring cleaning just yet, but decluttering your kitchen countertops is a good idea at any time of the year. Your counter, after all, is valuable real estate. If you’ve got too much on your countertop, you won’t have space to prep and chop. Too little, and you’ll be forever…

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  • Best Plants To Grow In Your St. Louis Kitchen This Winter

    Summertime in St. Louis is replete with farmer’s markets and fresh produce galore. But just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t have all the healthy, fresh-picked veggies you love. There are plenty of greens and vegetables you can grow at home, in your kitchen, to keep you and your family eating healthy all year-round….

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  • Touring Historic Homes in St. Louis

    The city of St. Louis has a fascinating history that dates back to 1764 when it was founded as a French settlement and named for the French king, Louis IX. Soon after, control was transferred to the Spanish, and eventually, it was returned to the French until 1803, when it was purchased by the United…

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  • Architecture in St. Louis

    When we think of St. Louis, certain architectural landmarks immediately spring to mind. The Gateway Arch, for example, is one of the most recognizable monuments to our architectural legacy – but it’s not the only thing we have to be proud of. Some of the most revered architects have built here. Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Russell…

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  • Spanish-Style Design for Your St. Louis Kitchen

    Spanish-style is a trendy modern kitchen design. Warm and inviting, it lends a look and feel that can be contemporary or traditional, depending on your tastes. Spanish revival architecture enjoyed a surge of popularity in 1920s California. Homes of that period feature a mix of Spanish styles. In this era, Spanish Colonial, Spanish Baroque, and…

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  • Kitchen Designers vs. General Contractors in St. Louis

    Your kitchen. If you’re like most families, it’s the most popular room in the house. Consequentially, it is also the room most likely to be remodeled. Because of the complexities of a kitchen remodel, it requires expert support from various trades, designers, and builders, a dedicated team that works together to ensure the result is…

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