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  • Historic Renovation and Restoration in St. Louis: What Is The Difference?

    When you think about renovation versus restoration, you might get the two confused to a certain degree; however, the two processes are very different on many levels. On one hand, renovation is somewhere in between what the original architect intended and what is desirable for the current owners. For instance, if we are talking about…

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  • Interior Renovation vs. Remodel for Your St. Louis Home

    We are often asked this question: what is the difference between an interior renovation and a remodel? One of the main differences between a renovation and a remodel is that, in a renovation, we can be finished much more quickly as the work primarily involves changing the outward look of a room and updating some…

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  • A Modern Galley Kitchen Remodel in St. Louis

    A galley kitchen is long and narrow, named after the galley (kitchen) on a boat. While many apartment-and-condo hunters cringe at the mention of a galley kitchen, the reality is that while they may be small, they make very efficient use of limited space – a consideration when you are dealing with an oddly-shaped or…

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  • Kitchen Design: White for Your St. Louis Home

    White kitchens are so popular today and, for many, it is what they picture when they imagine their dream kitchen. White is classic, clean, and so pretty that some people simply want “white everything”. Today, however, the white kitchen design is a little outdated. We are finding, amongst our clientele, that people are really waking…

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  • St. Louis Kitchen and Master Bath Remodels: Luxury and Style Where You Want It Most

    The kitchen and the master bathroom are the two most remodeled rooms in any St. Louis home. They are also the two areas where homeowners tend to spend the most money. Both rooms are essential to everyday living, but each is able to provide an underpinning of luxury within a home, offering eye-pleasing design and…

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  • For Our New St. Louis Remodeling Customers

    If you are a homeowner in St. Louis and are getting ready for a remodel, this letter is for you. We wanted to touch base with you to say “hello!” and to let you know that the McDermott team is always here for you whenever you need us for your renovation and remodeling projects. Sure,…

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