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Here’s the place to learn everything you need to know about how our design-build process ensures you get the home you’ve dreamed of. We’ll talk about how we work and what we’re passionate about. We hope you find the blog posts and eBooks here enjoyable and helpful in planning your kitchen, bathroom, or other home remodeling project. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Happy reading!

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  • Vendor Highlight: Custom Floors and More

    Custom Floors and More is one of our valued partners. They do our flooring, tile, backsplashes, showers – pretty much anything related to flooring or tile. Their selection is incredible, and what they haven’t got in their showroom, they’ll have a vendor they can call on to get what we need. Their ability to meet…

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  • Our Shopping Process and The “Fear of More Options” (FOMO)

    When we’re shopping with a client, many questions come up. Clients have certain expectations, and most of them, especially once they dive into the process, have some concerns about whether they are choosing the right items, the right finishes, and so on. Because it can be a complex undertaking, and certainly, from our standpoint, it’s…

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  • Scandinavian Kitchen Design Style for Your St. Louis Home

    Scandinavian design is known for its sparse, modern, minimalist look. Characterized by white walls, wood floors, and sleek, contemporary lines, it is without a doubt one of the most influential design styles of the past century. The style itself is associated with designers that include furniture and cabinet designer Hans Wegner, Finnish designer Eero Aarnio,…

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  • Contemporary Bathroom Design Style for Your St. Louis Home

    We do a lot of bathroom remodels, and all of our clients have vastly different ideas in terms of aesthetics and how we approach the new design. If you prefer a modern bathroom design style, there are some really exciting things we can do to make it pop.   What features make a bathroom design…

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  • Random Facts That Most People Don’t Know About the Design Process in St. Louis

    The design process is nothing like it is on HGTV. It doesn’t happen overnight. We don’t just jump inside your brain and spit out your dream kitchen in a day. You need to be personally involved in the process because, essentially, you’re picking everything. Every once in a while we’ll get clients that want us…

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  • How to Make Your Personality Shine Through in Your St. Louis Remodel

    Personal touches go a long way to demonstrating your personality in your interior design. It could be as simple as something you found in a thrift store or a family heirloom – the point being that not all of your accessories and décor has to be purchased new. This holds true whether you are decorating…

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