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  • 5 Creative Bathroom Countertop Ideas in St. Louis

    Countertops may be practical surfaces that need to be durable and strong, but they also make a strong statement about personal style and taste. Many people wonder if there’s any difference between the countertops they choose for a kitchen and bathroom remodeling project. Even though the materials and installation process for both types may be…

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  • Top 10 Reasons Design Build Remodeling is the Best Process in St. Louis

    We’re often asked about what makes design build different; what are its advantages over the conventional method of architect first and general contractor second? We thought it would be a fun idea to do a top-ten list of why design build remodeling can be the smartest home remodeling decision you make.   Design Build Remodeling…

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  • Stylish Kitchen Countertop and Backsplash Pairings in St. Louis

    Backsplashes were born of necessity: to protect the walls behind the sink and stove against water damage and splatters, block spills and crumbs from falling behind cabinets, and to disguise uneven walls. Today, they’re seen as a design element that can bring sparkle, color, and texture to your home’s kitchen. We think backsplashes are the…

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  • Replacing Bathroom Countertops in St. Louis? Here’s What You Need to Know

    One of the best ways to modernize and add value to your bathroom is by replacing the countertops. Whether you’re doing a bathroom remodel or adding on a master suite, choosing the right ones can make or break your bathroom’s appearance.   Replacing Bathroom Countertops Over time, water, cleansers, sunlight, and age can steal the…

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  • 10 Creative and Easy Pantry Storage Ideas You’ll Love in St. Louis

    Big or compact, most kitchens have some type of a pantry. It could be as small as several shelves in a cupboard, or as large as bedroom walk-in closet. The word pantry comes from “paneterie,” an Old French word derived from “pain,” the French word for bread. In days of old, all foods like meats,…

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  • Built in St. Louis: Mid-Century Modern Architecture

    The St. Louis area is famous for its mid-century residential architectural gems. The clean-lined designs of William Adair Bernoudy, Robert Elkington, and Charles King (to name just a few St. Louis-based architects), began a design innovation tradition that changed the face of this midwestern metropolis. The area’s mid-century modern architectural narrative is one of cohesion…

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